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We are committed to educating the public on the importance of clean water. We encourage any citizens to feel free to call our office and ask any question they may have about the quality of their local storm water and or structures. Our community has the capability to embrace our natural surroundings and help keep new Albany a clean place to live.
In New Albany there are many creeks and streams that we continually monitor and maintain. The monitoring processes includes stream visual assessment protocol(SVAP), and a screening of the city’s outfalls.

  • Outfalls: Where collected storm water is discharged into our local creeks and streams. These points are identified in New Albany’s GIS storm water system map.

The outfall screening process was developed by IDEM. This is a thorough inspection process created to identify and eliminate potential pollutants, while taking a proactive approach in protecting the future quality of our water ways.

These creeks are essential to allow our storm structure to effectively drain surface water away from residential properties. If you see a blockage or pollutant we ask that you report it immediately to our department in efforts to protect the natural wildlife as well as the quality of water returning back to the Ohio River.

New Albany Outreach Material (Previously Distributed)

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