Eliminate Water Pollution

As residents follow these 10 simple steps to help eliminate stormwater pollution:

1. Don’t Dump anything down storm drains
Stormwater doesn’t go to a treatment plant.

2. Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly
The excess runs off into our waterways and wastes money.

3. Put Litter in its place.
Storm water drainage carries litter from the roadsides into our streams, lakes and rivers. Help keep Indiana beautiful by stopping litter.

4. Pick up after your pet.
Their waste is just as bad as yours.

5. Collect yard waste and keep it out of storm drains.
This can also clog the drainage pipes and swales causing flooding.

6. Recycle used motor oil.
Remember to always recycle used motor oil and never dump anything into storm drains or ditches – they drain into our streams.

7. Check your car for leaks and fix them.
Drips from cars can pollute our streams and drinking water. Routinely maintaining your vehicle can extend its usefulness and benefit our environment.

8. Use your car less.
Consider ways to use your car less, such as ridesharing, running your errands all at once, or taking the bus. Fewer cars on the roads means less air and water pollution.

9. Wash your car on the lawn or use a carwash.
Rather than washing your car on pavement, your lawn helps absorb the water and keeps the dirty water from entering our streams. Or even better, use a commercial car wash, they recycle it.

10. Volunteer.

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