New Albany Street Sweeper Schedule

Existing street sweeper routes will continue to be swept on the same day and time as in the past.
To better assist the residents of the City of New Albany we have prepared a map of the street sweeping schedule. A map for every day of the week with a color coded route will be detailed through each link below. Follow these steps to determine your street sweeping schedule.
1. Click one of the days of the week below to see a map of our city.
2. Click the magnifying glass on the top left corner to open a search bar, type in your street address, and click enter.
3. You will be taken to a view of your street lined in a Green, Blue or Red color. Click the colored line on your street to see which side will be swept.

Streets outlined in Green will be swept from 8:00AM to 10:00 AM.

Streets outlined in Blue will be swept from 10:00AM to 12:00PM.

Streets outlined in Red will be swept from 1:00PM to 3:00PM.

Existing Street Sweeper Route
Monday Sweeper Route

Tuesday Sweeper Route

Wednesday Sweeper Route

Thursday Sweeper Route

Friday Sweeper Route

Bond Projects

Grantline Road Culvert Replacement

The Grantline Road Culvert replacement project at 2200 Grantline Road was completed June 2014…

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Reno & Market Localized Drainage Improvement Project

This is the second project funded by the $6 million storm water bond. The project was completed September 2014…

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North of Meide Drive Basin

The detention basin north of Meide Drive is being constructed to give flooding relief to the Daisy Lane area near Falling Run creek. Construction was completed November 2014
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Drainage improvements

The Storm Water department is pleased to present a new era of in-house improvements. While the importance of outsourcing large scale projects such as the six million dollar bond is still needed we are working towards limiting the unnecessary outsourcing of projects that we feel is within our departments ability to perform. To date, the department has made in-house improvements to numerous points in the system ranging from point repairs to installing new systems. These projects help our department cut cost by only having to accrue fees associated with the material. By cutting unnecessary cost we are not only able to perform more improvements to the system we are  able to keep from raising any rates associated with Storm Water funding. We would like to take an opportunity to update you of some of the larger scale projects we have performed in-house:

We have made several minor to large scale point repairs to the system as well as to the storm structures throughout New Albany. We would like to welcome you to check in with us on upcoming in-house projects.