North Y: Grantline & Charlestown Road Intersection

This project included cutting the hillside and removing a very old culvert with limited capacity. During a heavy rain this area was prone to flooding and blockages due to the size of the culvert. Brush, limbs, mattresses and large trash cans have created blockages at this location during a heavy rain. A leech line was also installed to capture water from a naturally occurring spring that would create icy road hazards during the winter.

Leaf pick-up



Mayor Jeff Gahan is pleased to once again aid the citizens of New Albany with leaf removal. As part, the Stormwater Department will be performing leaf removal with two commercial Vacuum trailers. The citizens are encouraged to bag their leaves and set them out with their scheduled trash day collection. The sanitation company will collect up to 10 bags per week. The vacuum trailers will be used in efforts to aid with leaf removal in the gutter lines and roadways. Leaves are always a concern when it comes to the Storm Department. As many citizens know leaves can cause a major problem for our storm structures thus creating localized flooding issues throughout the city.   

The vacuum trailers will be operating this year from October 19th through December 22nd. The trailers will be working in a different area of the city each day. The trailers will follow the trash collection schedule. Please refer to the area map below to verify your pickup date and location.

  • Monday-  Area #1(Blue)
  • Tuesday- Area #2 (Green)
  • Wednesday- Area #3 (Purple)
  • Thursday #4-A (Black)
  • Friday #4-B (Red)






W 8th Street

A buried catch basin was found by an employee while performing maintenance on the Storm system around the 700 block of W8th St. Once the catch basin was exposed we found that the catch basin had been unable to drain and was not performing properly. Our Dept. was able to expose and rebuild the catch basin to allow for maximum water flow and for an improved cosmetic appearance for local homeowners.

913 Pennwood

Continued efforts concerning the Castlewood area includes rerouting a portion of the existing pipe system. The existing 21″ R.C.P (reinforced concrete pipe) was replaced with 24″ A.D.S. pipe. Included with the up scaling of the existing pipe line was the installation of three new Storm boxes. These boxes are intended to allow for optimal flow through the system and aid in collection of surrounding area drainage run off.

South Street

A resident located on South Street informed the City of a flooding issue located at the intersection of South Street and the rail road crossing. The citizen had stated that during heavy to minor rain events the street would flood. The floods ranged from minor nuisances to ponding across roadway. After a careful investigation, the Storm Dept. was able to find that the underground infrastructure was undersized for the amount of area drainage that was designed to sheet flow into the Storm system located at that particular intersection. The City was able to perform corrections in-house; thus saving on cost and utilizing current City workforce.

North of Meide Drive Basin

The amount of relief within the Daisy Lane area greatly depends upon the amount of storage capacity upstream. This new basin upstream of Daisy Lane will provide 6.1 acres of detention storage from a drainage area of 191 acres. This basin will help lower flood elevations, which in turn means less severe flooding along Falling Run creek. The basin was designed by GRW Engineers and is being constructed by Dan Cristiani Excavating. Completed cost of $330,000.