North Y: Grantline & Charlestown Road Intersection

This project included cutting the hillside and removing a very old culvert with limited capacity. During a heavy rain this area was prone to flooding and blockages due to the size of the culvert. Brush, limbs, mattresses and large trash cans have created blockages at this location during a heavy rain. A leech line was also installed to capture water from a naturally occurring spring that would create icy road hazards during the winter.

Leaf pick-up



Mayor Jeff Gahan is pleased to once again aid the citizens of New Albany with leaf removal. As part, the Stormwater Department will be performing leaf removal with two commercial Vacuum trailers. The citizens are encouraged to bag their leaves and set them out with their scheduled trash day collection. The sanitation company will collect up to 10 bags per week. The vacuum trailers will be used in efforts to aid with leaf removal in the gutter lines and roadways. Leaves are always a concern when it comes to the Storm Department. As many citizens know leaves can cause a major problem for our storm structures thus creating localized flooding issues throughout the city.   

The vacuum trailers will be operating this year from October 19th through December 22nd. The trailers will be working in a different area of the city each day. The trailers will follow the trash collection schedule. Please refer to the area map below to verify your pickup date and location.

  • Monday-  Area #1(Blue)
  • Tuesday- Area #2 (Green)
  • Wednesday- Area #3 (Purple)
  • Thursday #4-A (Black)
  • Friday #4-B (Red)






Winter Maintenance

As citizens of New Albany we all know how important the proper maintenance and cleaning of ditches can be to the storm system. Currently, the Storm Department is starting its winter maintenance program to begin preventive maintenance to these ditch lines within the city’s right of way. This winter we will begin dredging and cleaning ditch lines throughout the City of New Albany for any excessive debris build up as well as trash and debris that have constricted the capacity of the ditch line. We encourage all residents and commercial entities to call our office and report any ditches they may feel need to be maintained. This maintenance also include local creeks and streams. We will be working on cleaning the flow lines as well as any debris and or limbs blocking the flow lines of our creeks.